Welcome to the site.

This website contains my recollections and scrapbook of part of my 36 years spent in aviation, mostly as a pilot and in various management positions.  My career has been unremarkable but it parallels the experience of many who have contributed to the history of aviation and thus may be worth recording for posterity as it forms part of enterprises more important than individual contributions.  Aviation has been a story of innovation and progress and all of us have played our part, however small, in the pursuit of success in the various fields of this exciting but very demanding discipline.

I intend to maintain this website for whatever time I have left and hopefully a grandson will continue to pay the annual domain fee in due course.  It is a live site so if anyone reading this record wishes to comment, especially in the form of additions or corrections, then I hope they will feel free to do so using the facility provided in the individual articles or direct by email articles@ashpole.org.uk .    Personal experiences or anecdotes relevant to the subject matter would be particularly welcome.

William Ashpole – February 2014